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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are a human parasite that will follow us where ever we go. Taxis, homes, offices, theaters, hotels, aircraft….. no one or no place is immune to Beg Bugs.  They can hitch a ride on anyone and they don’t need a passport! Feeding on human blood, often whilst we are asleep, can create major stress and sleepless nights. This is why National Pest Control takes controlling Bed Bugs very seriously.



Our technicians are fully trained, approved, and equipped to control Bed Bugs in your home or business. They will locate the hiding and breeding areas, followed by carrying out a safe effective treatment using the best industry control methods and products. To help achieve long term control our technician may highlight likely causes and give you recommendations, such as laundry processes, and routine inspections.

We have a wide range of safe control solutions to deal with this pest and the situation in hand. Including Thermacure, our thermal bed bug eradication system, spray treatment programmes, bed bug mattress stoppers and many more.